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Residence 1 Year Ago

Explore geographic mobility and other community characteristics

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Life Expectancy

Life expectancy at birth, mapped across Utah

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Veteran Population

American Community Survey data for each county

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Population Change in Washington County

2000-2010 changes by race and ethnicity

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Welcome to the Utah Community Data Project

An online system of community-level demographic, housing, and socioeconomic data, indicators, and profiles.

The Utah Community Data Project collects, stores and disseminates a growing selection of demographic, socioeconomic and other data about Utah. We are housed at the Bureau of Economic and Business Research in the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business. UCDP provides data on the state’s counties, political districts, cities and towns, and neighborhoods. It is available to everyone, from everyday people to small businesses to policymakers. Our goal is to democratize data to foster sound policy and strong communities.

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UCDP is a partner in A Capital City Education: Cultivating a College, Career, and Civic-Ready Environment in Salt Lake City; A “Multisector, Citywide Collaboration Focused on Education Pathways.”

Capital City Education Agreement

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has long been the central location of Utah’s major religious, cultural, commercial, financial, medical, and educational institutions. Every day, people come to the city to work, conduct business, attend school, worship, shop, play, or visit. The residential, or nighttime, population is about half that of the daytime, and the two populations have contrasting demographic and socioeconomic characteristics.

Housing & Opportunity Analysis

The Housing & Opportunity Assessment tool provides new demographic and economic information for every city and county along the Wasatch Front.

Featured Reports & Analysis
Residence 1 Year Ago: Utah Cities
* Featured / Economic & Social / Weave Wednesday

This interactive visualization can be used to explore geographical mobility alongside other factors. Explore where people lived 1 year ago.

Life Expectancy at Birth: 2008-2012
* Featured / Economic & Social / Weave Wednesday

Map and chart of life expectancy in Utah by Utah Small Areas, geographies defined by the Utah Department of Health.

Median Household Income: Summit, Morgan Counties
* Featured / Income / Weave Wednesday

2008-2012 data on median household income for Summit and Morgan counties.  Explore variations by location and household type.

Low Birth Weight 2010-2012
* Featured / Economic & Social / Weave Wednesday

Map of low birth weight rates by Utah Small Areas, geographies defined by the Utah Department of Health.

Veteran Population by County
* Featured / Economic & Social / Weave Wednesday

2008-2012 estimates of veteran populations for each county in Utah.

2000-2010 Change Atlas
* Featured / Demographics / Household

The Salt Lake City Change Atlas: 2000–2010 is sponsored by Salt Lake City Corporation. It presents ten year changes in the basic demographic characteristics of the residents of Salt Lake City as recorded in the 2000 and 2010 decennial Censuses of Population and Housing.

Age in Salt Lake City
* Featured / Age / Weave Wednesday

View the age distributions of Salt Lake City residents at a block level.

FHEA Summary
* Featured / Housing and Opportunity Assessment

10 Page summary of Salt Lake County Fair Housing Equity Assesment PDF

AI Summary
* Featured / Housing and Opportunity Assessment

10 Page summary of Salt Lake County Analysis of Impediments PDF