About Weave

Data. Visualized.

Weave (Web-based Analysis and Visualization Environment) is an online platform that offers several tools for visualizing data. Data from a spreadsheet, database table, or combination of sources are quickly displayed on maps and charts that viewers can easily interact with. Weave supports rapid visualization of large datasets and lets users display all or a portion of the data. A Weave application is accessed with a simple web link and contains one or many visual tools.

Weave was developed by the University of Massachusetts Lowell’s Institute for Visualization and Perception Research, in partnership with the Open Indicators Consortium. Weave is a new, open-source software program and can be used by anyone

Weave allows for large or small-area visualization and analysis using any geographic boundaries. Weave applications open to a useful display of map and chart variables, but a user exploring the data is not limited to these settings. The user can change the display variables, select different classification ranges for categories on a map, and alter color schemes. Weave also offers data transparency by allowing a user to download the underlying data source.

At UCDP, we believe data visualization is a crucial part of learning from a dataset.

Note: Weave applications are data intensive and may take 10-20 seconds to load. A slower internet connection will lengthen loading time. Adobe Flash Player (available here) is required to use Weave in a web browser.

Weave is not yet supported on most mobile devices.

Visit UCDP often for releases of new content using Weave.
Weave is an excellent tool for UCDP’s aims to democratize data and encourage the use of data for improved community understanding and decision-making.