Cache County

Cache County, located in northern Utah, is the state’s sixth most populous county. Cache has the largest percentage of people age 18 through 29 in the state, 26.7 percent of the total population, due to the presence of Utah State University. Utah State is also the county’s largest employer. Peter Sink near Logan Canyon recorded the second lowest temperature in the contiguous 48 states, –69.3 degrees. Logan Canyon has been designated a National Scenic Byway and is a popular location to view fall foliage.

The population in Cache County was 112,656 in 2010, ranking it 6 among 29 counties. This represents an increase of 21,265 from 91,391 in 2000. The largest minority group in 2010 in Cache County was Hispanic/Latino, which accounted for 10 percent of the total population. The fastest-growing minority group in Cache County was non-Hispanic Pacific Islander, with an increase of 130.9 percent from 2000 to 2010. Households with children under 18 made up 43.9 percent of all households in 2010, a decrease from 45.6 percent in 2000. Owner-occupied housing units accounted for 65.3 percent of all households in 2010, an increase from 2000 when 64.6 percent of all housing units were owner-occupied.

Analysis & Research for Cache County
Cache County
Demographics / Population

This report shows the population of Cache County by distribution of age and gender and by categories of race/ethnicity.

Cache County Demographic Trends 1990-2010
Demographics / Household / Population

Demographic change in the population of Cache County between 1990 and 2010. Table 1 shows the count and share of the population by race/ethnicity, household type, and owner-occupied and renter-occupied units. Table 2 shows the absolute and percentage change in the population by race/ethnicity, household type, and owner-occupied and renter-occupied units for 1990-2000 and 2000-2010.

Cache County Household Types 2010

View Cache County household types across the county, such as 1-person, husband-wife, other family and nonfamily households. Also, see detail on the composition of family types for any part of Cache County, Utah.

Cache County Tenure and Ethnicity 2010
Household / Race or Ethnicity / Tenure

View areas of high and low home ownership in the Cache County, Utah according to the householder.

Educational Attainment, Income: Cache County
Education / Income / Weave Wednesday

2008-2012 tract-level data on educational attainment and earnings for Cache County.

Place of Birth, Citizenship 2012
Economic & Social / Weave Wednesday

2012 Data on place of birth and U.S. citizenship for the state of Utah from the U.S. Census.

Poverty Status in the Past 12 Months (2013)
Economic & Social / Weave Wednesday

2013 data on poverty status in the past 12 months, and educational attainment for the most populated counties in Utah.

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